Who are those lovely people?

The Cast:

Name: Robbie.

Robbie is awesome. That is to say, Robbie thinks that he's awesome. He's prone to both sarcasm and wild ideas that tend to get him into trouble. However, oddly enough, he's usually able to get himself out of said trouble, often through sheer luck. He comes off as a jerk to others sometimes, but doesn't see himself that way. Perhaps he's just a bit to direct with some people, he's not sure. Robbie enjoys video games, watching television, talking about things he hates, and spending long hours in front of the computer. He also attends college, but that doesn't appear to be turning out too well. Also, as a Red Sox fan, he is prone to bursts of baseball-related angst. It's best not to be near him when this happens.

Name: Jason.

Jason is Robbie's nearest and dearest friend. As such, they are often seen together. Even in public, whenever they bother going out there. Robbie and Jason enjoy many of the same things, but that doesn't mean their personalities are exactly the same. Jason is generally more level-headed than Robbie. However, since they hang out together quite a bit, he usually ends up getting caught up in whatever Robbie's up to, for better or for worse. Jason also plays PC games much more than Robbie does, possibly because his computer is able to run games that were made after the turn of the century. While they are prone to the occasional rift between the two, Robbie and Jason generally remain the best of friends.

Name: Matt.

Friend to both Robbie and Jason. He spends more time on his own though, possibly to avoid getting caught up in whatever they're up to. He occasionally winds up stuck between the two whenever they get into an argument.

Name: Malph.

Malph is..... Malph. Nobody's quite sure who he is, where he's from, what he does when he's not around, or why he wears a janitor's uniform everywhere he goes. It is certain, however, that he and Robbie know each other quite well. Often however, he tends to act more as a crony than as a friend, especially when something comes up between Robbie and Jason. He also has a knack for appearing in random places at unexpected times. Nobody knows how or why he does this.

Name: Max.

Max is, in short, a jerk. He makes no apologies about it, nor does he bother to even acknowledge it. He considers himself to be above the rest of the world in everything, especially in his knowledge of music. He intentionally makes unpopular decisions and listens to unpopular bands so that he can feel as if he's above others. He doesn't seem to care if this may actually end up harming him in the end.

--- Medieval ---

Name: Sir Hershwinkle.

Sir Hershwinkle is a knight. However, as he's the sort that jumps when he sees his own shadow, and often forgets important details at vital times, one has to wonder how he wound up in such an occupation. It might have something to do with his desire to be helpful, or to seek glory for himself. However, while things usually work out for him in the end, he has yet to gain any sort of notoriety for his deeds.

Name: Sir Gallahad.

Sir Hershwinkle's horse. Notable because of his ability to speak, something very few horses are known to do. Or none, it's probably none. As a talking horse, Sir Gallahad is truly something special. However, this seems lost on Sir Hershwinkle. It's not known why he is named after a knight of the Round Table (though with an extra "L" in his name), though naming his horse after one of them might be seen as a sign of admiration on the part of Sir Hershwinkle. Oddly enough, while Sir Hershwinkle makes all of the plans and usually decides when to take action, Sir Gallahad is apparently the brains of their operation. It's possible that he lacks much influence on the direction they take simply because Sir Hershwinkle refuses to recognize that his "noble steed" is actually smarter than he is.

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